Circular-Saw Mill ZRH-450


Circular-Saw ZRH-450 with horizontal arrangement of the saw blade is designed for processing wood waste (slabs) in high-quality timber.

The machine was tested by the State Baltic Machine Testing Station and certified by the Latvian National Certification Center.

Width of the processed material150 mm
Thickness of the processed material120 mm
Number of saw blades1 pcs
Diameter of saw blade450 mm
Bore diameter 2 connector 12 х 750 mm
Saw shafts rpm2700 rpm
Feed speed0-40 m/min
Electric driving motor of saw shaft1 pcs
Electric driving motor of saw shafts22 kW
Rated capacity1500 rpm
Electric driving motor of feed1 pcs
Rated capacity1,5 kW
Overall dimensions1670 х 850 х 1280 mm
Weight800 kg