Multi-Blade Saw Machine ZRD-12-1


The Multi-Blade Saw Machine ZRD – 12 is designed for processing round wood in half-beams and unedged boards. The technology provides the greatest yield of commercial timber, excellent quality of timber and high productivity with low power consumption.

Installation and commissioning of the multi-blade saw machine are carried out within 4 hours.

The feed speed is controlled by a frequency converter, which allows you to smoothly increase or decrease the speed without stopping the machine.

The machine was tested by the State Baltic Machine Testing Station and certified by the Latvian National Certification Center.

The shortest length of the processed material 2000 mm
Width of the processed material 450 mm
Sawing depth 170 mm
Number of saws 8 pcs
Diameter of saw blades 500 mm
Bore diameter 65 mm
Feed speed 0-40 m/min
Saw shaft rpm 2650 rpm
Electric driving motor of saw shaft 1 pcs
Rated capacity 55-75 kW
Rated speed 1500 rpm
Overall dimensions 2400 х 2000 х 1900 mm
Weight 2500 kg