Crosscut Saw Machine ZRG-2-450; ZRG-3-450; ZRG-4-450; ZRG-5-450; ZRG-6-450


Crosscut Saw Machine ZRG-?-450 is designed for wood crosscutting.

The machine was tested by the State Baltic Machine Testing Station and certified by the Latvian National Certification Center.

The longest length of the processed material2200,3200,4200,5200,6200mm
The shortest length of the processed material500 mm
Width of the processed materialдо 100 – 125 mm
Number of saw blades2 – 6 pcs
Diameter of saw blades400 – 450 mm
Saw bore diameter50 mm
Feed speedот 0 до 40 m/min
Saw shaft rpm3000 об/мин
Electric driving motor of saw shafts2 – б pcs
Rated capacity2,6-3kW
Rated speed3000 rpm
Electric driving motor of chain cam feed1 pcs
Rated capacity1,5 kW
Electric driving motor of belt conveyor1000 ± 50 mm
Overall dimensions3100 – 7100 х 1400 х 2100 mm

Model: portable, the foundation is not needed.