The history of Larmet WSM originated in 1995 when Silmet company started develop sawmill equipment manufacturing. Already in November 1995 the company took part in its first international exhibition in Minsk.

The company development went along the way of production of such equipment as scragg mills, machines for cutting edges and machines for wood crosscutting. In recent years, 16 sawmills have been supplied to Belarus.

In 2014 we started the production of scragg mills with an electronic device for changing the width of the saw. This allows within a few seconds to change cutting width, and this process can be fully automated.

In 2015, the production of sawmill lines was started, where the extraction of sawdust occurs with the use of a belt conveyor, not with the help of suction fans. In the process of manufacturing of Larmet equipment, all modern technologies of metal processing are used: laser cutting, plasma cutting, docking parts, etc.